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Langley Bathtub AC3621L and AC3621R

Product Description

The Langley Bathtub by Hytec includes all standard Hytec acrylic features such as textured floor and high gloss finish. There are two versions available, AC3621L/R with an integral apron less an access panel, and the AC3621AL/AR bath which offers an integral apron with a removable access panel. 

- Inclined backrest aids in making this five foot bath very comfortable.

- Straight, minimalist design.

- Ergonomic sloped back for lower back support

- Many different sizes/colours available

- Easy to clean high gloss surface

- Chip and mar resistant

- Moulded-in floor pattern

- Jetted systems, chromatherapy, and BubbleAir systems available

- Integral tiling flange

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Product Code: 3990672/3990674

Brand: Hytec

Price Range: $$$

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