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Darling New One-Piece Toilet by Duravit

Product Description

Toilets and bidets of the Darling New series are available as floor standing, wall-mounted and back-to-wall versions. This innovative one-piece is an elegant model with closed sides and an invisible attachment.

A standout feature of the Darling New One-Piece Duravit Toilet is the inventive rimless flushing technology. The open design of the flushing rim enables an innovative water flow for increased energy efficiency and water saving techniques. Thanks to modern 4.5-l technology, perfect flushing results are guaranteed, even with only a small amount of water. Due to its open and easily accessible rim area, it is also considerably easier to keep the bowl clean.

- US-version toilet,

- Back-to-wall

- Syphonic

- 12" rough-in with Single Flush piston valve

- Top flush

- Suitable for SensoWash Starck

- Vertical outlet

- Design by sieger design

- 15 3/4" x 28 1/8" Inch

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Brand: Duravit

Price Range: $$

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