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Cape Cod Vessel Sink by Duravit

Product Description

Attractive in its high grade porcelain finish, the Cape Cod Vessel Sink by Duravit features elegant, fine edges that measure only 1/4" in thickness. Made possible by the innovative DuraCeram® material, its result provides outstanding elegance without compromising quality, robustness or ease of care.

The bowl is available in three different shapes: round, square and trioval, allowing individuality within the design of the bathroom. The round and square washbasins feature the tap platform on a raised dome inside the bowl. The Model-No. 232848 is one of our best sellers.

Cape Cod, located in New England off the coast of the US, features an unforgettable flair. The region, known for its beaches stretching for miles, crystal clear water and untamed nature, is the inspiration for Cape Cod, the new bathroom series by Philippe Starck and Duravit.


Product Code: 3407500

Brand: Duravit

Price Range: $$$

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