At Splashes Bath & Kitchen, we are proud to carry the Canadian brand, Kalia. Motivated by their complicity and creativity, the Kalia team pursues the same goal: to increase the daily-well being of people. To this . end, they design, manufacture, and distribute residential plumbing products that are innovative and sustainable solutions for users. 

So many beautiful stories of water, of which Kalia is the inescapable narrator. 

If there are any sinks you would like more information about please submit a contact form. We want to make your kitchen renovation or build as easy and stress-free as possible.

Featured Products

RUSTIK BF1511 Shower System

Product Code: 3742500

Price Range: $$$$

New from Kalia, the RUSTIK BF1511 Shower System offers a + More

RUSTIK BF1513 Thermostatic Shower System

Product Code: 3742520

Price Range: $$$$

Brand new from Kalia, the RUSTIK BF1513 Thermostatic Shower System + More

VIVIO DR1479 Shower Doors 48X36X75

Product Code: 3748280

Price Range: $$$$

Sophisticated and modern new glass shower doors from Kalia. This corner + More

FLIP DR1450 46X56 Tub Doors

Product Code: 3748055

Price Range: $$$

This is our most popular tub screen with its flexible, frameless pivot + More

ROLLAX SQUARE DR1447 60X77 Shower Doors

Product Code: 3748220

Price Range: $$$$

This frameless sliding shower door features ergonomic handles and + More

K-MOTION DR1108 60X36X80 Sliding Alcove Shower Door

Product Code: 3748030

Price Range: $$$$

This 2-Panel sliding alcove shower door includes 36 '' clear glass + More

KAMO DR1231 36X36X77 Corner Pivot Shower Door

Product Code: 3748250

Price Range: $$$$

One of our most popular sellers, this corner pivot shower door includes + More

ROLLAX DR1105 48X36X77 Shower Doors

Product Code: 3748230

Price Range: $$$$

Top 2-panel sliding corner shower door with ultra-smooth rolling system + More

Kontour BF1288 Tub Filler with Handshower

Product Code: 3741720

Price Range: $$$$

The Kalia Kontour BF1288 is a floor mount 2-piece tub filler + More

Kontour BF1333 Handshower

Product Code:

Price Range: $$$

The Kontour BF1333 handshower is a versatile option to accessorize + More

Kontour BF1497 Shower System

Product Code:

Price Range: $$$$

The Kontour BF1497 Shower System complements both modern and + More

RoundOne BF 1638 Shower System

Product Code:

Price Range: $$$

BRAND NEW from Kalia, the RoundOne BF1638 shower is an innovative, + More

SquareOne BF1650 Shower System

Product Code:

Price Range: $$$

The SquareOne BF1650 Shower System features an elegant, modern design to + More

BF1357-110-200 Grafik Shower System

Product Code: 3742241

Price Range: $$$

The Grafik Shower + More

Umani BF1179 Shower System

Product Code: 3742182

Price Range: $$$

This shower system is a best seller due to its sleek design and rainhead + More

Kontour BF1285 Bathroom Faucet

Product Code: 3741700

Price Range: $

The Kontour is a single hole lavatory faucet push drain with overflow + More

Grafik BF1431 Shower System

Product Code: 3742230

Price Range: $$$

This chrome finish shower system has 1/2’’ volume + More

Grafik BF1290 Matte Black Bathroom Faucet

Product Code: 3742200

Price Range: $$

This single hole lavatory faucet push drain with overflow included comes + More

GRAFIK BF1454 Widespread Lavatory Faucet Without Drain

Product Code: 3741707

Price Range: $$

This matte black bathroom faucet is part of the Grafik Collection, and + More

GRAFIK BF1292 3-Piece Deckmount Tub Filler With Handshower

Product Code: 3742212

Price Range: $$

The Grafik Collection combines straight and curvy in a whole new way + More

GRAFIK BF1388 Showerhead

Product Code: 3742225

Price Range: $

The perfect showerhead for those doing a bathroom renovation and looking + More

GRAFIK BF1392 Showerhead

Product Code: 3742260

Price Range: $$

A stunning showerhead with powerful performance. This versatile + More

AKCESS Shower Door 60''X36"X77''

Product Code: 3748036

Price Range: $$$$

This frameless sliding door (2 panels) is the perfect shower door for a + More