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June 2013


Is there a fixture in your kitchen that is used more than your kitchen faucet?  Updating your kitchen faucet is a simple to change in your kitchen that doesn't require a major renovation.  Looking at your best faucet options in the kitchen, Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres helps to answer your questions.


There are thousands of kitchen faucets to choose from and I don't know what would suit me best.  How can I decide?


Looking for a new kitchen faucet can be overwhelming as there are many options, finishes and styles to choose from.  For a simple update to your existing kitchen, you will need to find a replacement faucet with the same placement of holes as your current sink, which should help you narrow down your possible choices. However, if you are replacing your sink as well, you will have many choices as to the best kitchen faucet for you. 


Most kitchen sinks or counters have one to five holes to accommodate the different types of fixtures you wish to install.  You can choose a faucet with one handle that only requires one hole or a two handled unit which would require three holes (one for the spout and one for each handle).  Then you can decide if you wish to add accessories with your faucet including a side sprayer, soap/lotion dispenser, hot water tap, or filtered water tap.


The spout of your kitchen faucet may come in a variety of heights and depending on your type of sink, you may have some limitations.  It is wise to choose a faucet with a spout that reaches as close to the center of the sink, so be sure to measure.  A standard spout is 3-5" above the plane of the sink, where a high arch spout may go as high as 10" above the sink.   If you are choosing a taller spout, ensure your sink is deep enough to accommodate for the excess spray.


Ultimately, as this fixture gets a lot of daily use, choose the best kitchen faucet you can afford as it is worth the extra investment. 


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