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September 2013


Do you love the feeling when you find a $5 bill or $20 bill an old purse or jacket that you haven’t used in a while?  Did you know you can find some extra cash during your renovation?  Twenty-seven percent of household water is used by the toilet - think of all the money that you are losing down the drain and won’t find again!


Renovations and upgrades can be costly.  However, there are some options available to you as a British Columbian by way of municipal rebates for upgrading your older toilet to one that is more efficient.  At Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres, we want to help you save money and, in this case, even find money.


What is the building code requirement regarding low-flow toilets in BC?


Effective October 3, 2011, the British Columbia Building Code regulation was amended to require the installation of high-efficiency toilets and urinals in all new residential buildings and renovation projects involving toilet replacements in British Columbia.


Where do I apply for a toilet rebate?


Each municipality manages their own toilet rebates with various rules – and there are communities that do not offer any rebates.   In the past, there were federal rebates for toilets but they have since expired and many municipalities are limiting the length of their rebate programs so we recommend that you ACT TODAY!   


What communities offer toilet rebates?


To find out if your community offers a toilet replacement rebate, please review their municipal website directly.  Make sure that you read all their rules closely to ensure that you qualify for the rebate as each municipality has slightly different rules or approaches.  The process for getting your rebate can vary as well including providing receipts and taking pictures, so please consult your municipality for the details.


As a helpful reference guide to you, here is our list of BC communities currently offering rebates to homeowners:



  • Comox Valley - $75 rebate for 4.8L or dual flush toilets
  • Cowichan Valley - Toilet Replacement $75 rebate per toilet
  • Duncan — low-flush toilets $60-100 rebate
  • Ladysmith – low-flush toilets $75 rebate – until Dec 31, 2013
  • Lake Cowichan — low-flush toilets up to $100 rebate
  • Lantzville — low-flush toilets up to $100 rebate
  • Nanaimo — low-flush toilets up to $75 rebate  - until Dec 31, 2013



Good luck with your renovation and we hope you find some of those extra dollars!


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