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October 2013


Now that summer is over and the wet, cold weather is upon us, we wanted to highlight some of the quiet items you can look to add to your home. Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres helps to show us some great items for your bathroom that will help promote quiet and calm days as we head into winter.


What can Splashes offer me beyond just a sink and faucet to make my space unique?  


Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres source many different products for your kitchen and bathroom beyond the basic plumbing fixtures.  These include fireplaces, furniture, mirrors, medicine cabinets, light fixtures, cleaning supplies, and ventilation fans. 

One of our customer favourites is our furniture line through Ronbow, who makes beautiful vanities for your bathroom space.  These are made of solid wood in a large range of styles, colours and designs.  They are well made and customizable to your space.  We also wanted to highlight Ronbow vanities in this blog because the drawers on these vanities are equipped with quiet hinges and rollers to close silently.  Stop the banging of cupboards and drawers early in the morning and keep your space serene and peaceful!


Another favourite for this cozy season are our fireplaces from Montigo.  These fireplaces are BC made and offer beautiful modern designs including linear styles with feature rocks and fans to heat the entire room while behind insulated glass for safety.   Doesn’t this fireplace just add the perfect feeling to this cozy nook?


The loudest thing in my bathroom is the ventilation fan, but I need to use it.  How can I reduce that noise?


Nothing can ruin your spa experience in the bathroom more than a clattering ventilation fan.   Luckily, we have some fans from Panasonic that run at less than one sone – about the equivalent to the sound of a quiet refrigerator in a quiet kitchen.  If you forget you have left the fan on, some are equipped with humidity sensors and will automatically shut off.  Lights and movement sensors are available in some fan models and depending on what you are looking for your price will range from $150-$400.

My shower doors aren’t the best for quiet, but I don’t want to move to a shower curtain.  How do I keep the shower doors from being noisy?


We have some great new shower doors from Kalia that features choices for headers, handles, brackets and finishes.  The best part about these shower doors is that Kalia has developed their K-Motion technology which allows the doors to close automatically with the gentlest touch.  The doors provide a shock-absorbing system and close smoothly, quietly and watertight.


Ask your Questions


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