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October 2012


Many of us live in condos or are downsizing to smaller spaces so, finding fixtures and planning for functionality in smaller spaces is a more typical decision for our bathrooms.  To help with our decisions, Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres helps to answer your questions.


What are some tips I can use when planning to build or renovate a very small bathroom?

Today's customers are trying to make the most of a small space and there are many new products on the market to help. 


One of our exclusive product lines at Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres is Roca from Spain, which offers designer fixtures in many variations including wall-hung toilets and sinks.  When you install a wall hung toilet, the tank is placed in the wall, so you end up with about 8" more space to play with and this can mean a lot in a small bathroom.  The added space under the wall-hung sink and toilet also provide a feeling of space and easy access for cleaning.


If a wall hung sink isn't possible, choosing a pedestal sink will create a larger feeling in a smaller space.  Many manufacturers also offer solutions to use every inch of a bathroom including corner showers, corner sinks and built-in medicine cabinets.  While it is common knowledge that the use mirrors makes a space feel larger, many people don't think to install clear and frameless shower doors which also greatly contributes to the feeling of space. 


Ask your questions?

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