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Big ideas for small spaces


Your layout is set and you're feeling good about your kitchen, but how can you make it feel even bigger? Here are some big ideas for small kitchens from our experts.


Re-defining Useable Space

If you're thinking of ways to use narrow cabinet space, consider a pull-out spice rack. These narrow shelves are essentially two rails attached to a cabinet front. Often much thinner than regular cupboards, the shelving is a great alternative to space that might otherwise be wasted or inefficiently used.

Another bit of wasted space is under the countertop in front of the sink. Enter: the tilt tray. Using an easy-to-install kit, these trays transform plain cabinet fronts to convenient storage for scouring pads, and brushes.


Sink Wisely

When every inch of counter space matters, choose a small, single-bowl, under-mount sink.... This creates a bit more workspace on the counter because the edges of the sink will be hidden. You'll also gain even more prep area by selecting a sink with a cutting board designed to fit over top.

Concerned about complementing that smaller sink? Try an articulated faucet. These multi-jointed wonders bend out of the way and lock in place to accommodate large pots and dishes, then simply fold up neatly when not in use. Need even more room? A wall-mounted articulated faucet saves even more space on the counter.


"No one puts baby in the corner."

Corners in a kitchen have almost always been wholly unused space, aside from your aunt's hand-me-down cookie jar. Why not move the sink there? Positioning it in the corner frees up space on either side and you now have two work areas, adding an illusion of a bigger room, and with the plumbing tucked in the back you have more usable storage under the sink.

Adding storage in every nook and cranny is at the top of most designers' to-do lists. A creative way of nixing the Lazy Suzan is adding a set of corner drawers. These makes everything more accessible, even those items from the back of the cupboard.


Space Savers

Empty wall space? Go vertical! Why not install a rack for pots and pans, utensils, towels, or even a magnetic knife rack.

Pro tip: Adding this wall-hung arrangement to a darker-coloured feature wall will hide scuff marks.


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Warming up a cold bathroom for winter

The cold, hard surfaces in your bathroom may be functional, but they're not something you'd want to cuddle up with on a chilly winter morning. With Jack Frost nipping at our heels, here are some tips to keep those shivers at bay and your bathroom cozy without turning up the thermostat.


Heated Ceramic Tiles
One of the most luxurious things you can do to make your bathroom toasty in chilly weather is invest in radiant-heat flooring. Although it may not be inexpensive, the floor will be toasty warm, you will not have to worry about falling, and water damage will no longer be a concern.


Heated towel bars and hooks
Heated towel bars add luxury to the bath, giving you a wonderful way to wrap up when you step out of a steamy shower. Go one step further and pick up a heated robe hook. These hooks are designed to attach to towel warmers.


Make it rain
You'll warm up super-fast under the blissful downpour from a rain shower. These oversized heads can be suspended from a wall-mounted arm, or top-mounted to the ceiling.


Heating things up
Invest in a bathtub and sinks that help retain heat. Natural materials like brass, copper, and soapstone will help to keep that hot water warmer longer while you soak away the winter blues.


Add a fireplace
Installing a fireplace isn't as labor-intensive as it used to be. Today there is a huge selection of designs that offer the perfect fit for any type or size bathroom straight out of the box, which add a touch of class and a whole lot of warmth to your space.