August 2014


The summer is already coming to a close. After the kids go back to school, perhaps your fall plans include updates to your home – let us help! Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres helps us to look at some sink specifics in this month’s expert blog!



I need a simple bathroom sink upgrade. Isn’t the sink sizing standardized 21” x 17”?

 Aqualyn photo- american standard

If it is time to update the bathroom sink, there are a myriad of choices!  Most homes start out with a drop in sink that is oval and 21" left to right and 17" front to back. They sit on the top of a vanity with a counter top which may be of a laminate material. There is a hole roughly cut into the top and the sink covers this.


Yorkdale Sink AmStdEven if your sink is 21" x 17", the hole may not me a true oval so you might have to buy a bigger sink to accommodate an odd shape. One sink that "fits" these requirements is the Ellisse from American Standard as it is just slightly bigger all around. 

 Ellisse Sink American standard

If you can’t find something to fit your needs, bring your measurements into the showroom and ask one of our consultants, they may be able to find the perfect fit with another manufacturer that you didn’t know about.



How do I know what bathroom faucet to choose for my upgrade?


The holes for the faucet are pre drilled to accommodate the faucet hookups.  The three main styles are single hole, three holes close together (often called mini spread or 4"cc- from center to center), and three holes farther apart (often called widespread with the holes 8"cc).



If you are updating the faucet as well as the sink, make certain that the sink has all three configurations, or you may be back to the store to buy something to fit the faucet you fell in love with!!



How much should I splurge to get more than the basic option in my bathroom?


If you are ready to commit to a bigger renovation project, then it may be time to think about an upgrade to your counter or vanity including perhaps an undermount sink or a built in sink in the counter top.



The usual suspects are clean ovals or rectangles, but there is a sink out there for every one! Ask your showroom consultant if they can find something unique for you.

The picture attached is a glass Ronbow undermount sink which needs a solid counter of Granite, to be able to install properly.  This Ronbow sink has great colour and can be put under the counter, or above as a vessel sink.  Each new sink has its own best fit with the faucet, but there are no strict rules when it comes to designing your oasis.


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July 2014


Touch or Touchless Faucets are a great addition to your kitchen to make your day-to-day activities more efficient with this one simple change. Ardele Warren from Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centres helps us compare the various kitchen faucets with touch technology in this month’s expert blog!



My friends have said that a touch faucet can have problems, what are the issues that I should be aware of?

Touch-Sensitive Faucets were introduced about 5 years ago and, in the beginning, there were glitches to work out with the technology. Today, in all mainstream quality brands, these glitches are truly a thing of the past but some incorrect ideas about the technology still exist. Firstly, they won’t randomly turn themselves on and off. However, be sure to install with the proper insulation or you may see the activation of the faucet touch technology through your metallic sink.

In addition, some customers believe that a touch faucet would be difficult to clean or be unsafe for children. Again, the high quality manufacturers use technology that can differentiate between a touch and a prolonged push or grip, which you might use while cleaning your faucet. Families with children typically adapt very well to the touch faucets, as many children can reach the neck of a faucet easier than they can regular tap handles – resulting in less water wasted.

However, if you are looking to purchase a faucet with the touch or touchless feature, you will pay a premium Typically, touch faucets are priced $170 above the regular priced version of the same faucet.


How do touch faucets actually work?             

Touch faucets are operated by battery to power the touch feature. Each company provides a battery pack that is easy to change from a holder under the sink. Usually, they run off double A batteries that will typically last for a year before they require fresh batteries.

There is no danger with the electrical charge running through the faucet as the electricity is on the outer surface while the water flows through non-conductive pipes within the faucet ensuring it is always insulated from the electrical current.


What are my options to purchase a Touch or Touchless Faucets for my kitchen?


There are many brands offering touch or touchless faucets but it is very important to purchase a quality brand where the technology is at its best. Through Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centre, you can purchase a touch (or touchless) faucet for your kitchen from four different reputable brands – Delta, Grohe, Brizo & Moen. Select touch faucets from these brands are as follows:


Moen’s Arbour Faucet with Motion Sense SPECIFICATIONS

  • MotionSense™delivers exceptional hands–free convenience, allowing a simple hand movement to trigger the flow of water
  • Features Duralock™ quick connect system for easy installation
  • Pull-down design offers at–your–fingertips water delivery
  • 5 year warranty on digital components; limited lifetime trim warranty
  • Two sensor beams for easy operation by anyone


Grohe Minta Pull-Down kitchen faucet with Touch Technology SPECIFICATIONS

  • Activation by touch anywhere on the faucet
  • When faucet is ‘off’, it will only flow cold water when touched as a safety pre-caution.
  • GROHE SilkMove® ceramic cartridge & quick installation system
  • Locking Push Button Control - to switch from regular flow to spray
  • A swivel spout for easy use that will swivel a full 360°
  • Limited 5 year Warranty


Brizo Vuelo Faucet with SmartTouch Technology SPECIFICATIONS

  • Exclusive Brizo SmartTouch Technology allows for water activation with a simple touch anywhere to the faucet body, spout or handle.
  • Two-function pull-down wand provides spray and stream; features MagneDock Technology - magnetic wand docking system
  • Brizo Electronic Faucet 5-Year Limited Warranty


Delta Trinsic Pull-Down Faucet Featuring Touch2O® Technology SPECIFICATIONS

  • Touch activated faucet featuring Touch2O®Technology, turns on and off with just a touch anywhere on the spout or handle
  • Exclusive MagnaTite®spray head docking ensures a snug fit of the wand. Pull-down wand operates in an aerated or spray mode via ergonomic buttons
  • Delta Electronic Faucet Limited 5 year Warranty


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Do you find this expert advice helpful?  Submit your questions to us and we will feature answers on this blog to help you and others with your bathroom and kitchen fixture decisions.