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TOTO WASHLET: Compliment your toilet with the ultimate bidet toilet seat



With over 40 million units sold, TOTO’s Washlet is topping wish-lists as the “world’s most evolved toilet technology.” For those who are unaware, the Washlet functions similarly to a bidet; however, the Washlet’s wand is incorporated directly in the toilet seat and comes with many other exciting features. The Washlet is designed to enhance your comfort and cleanliness by creating an enjoyable, seamless bathroom experience.


"Best thing I ever bought! Couldn't live without it”

      -Steve G., owner of the TOTO Washlet: Model S350e



The Washlet incorporates a cleaning wand with sophisticated features allowing you to spray in different pressures, patterns, and positions. One of the most luxurious Washlets that TOTO offers is the G400 toilet, built with:

  • An automatic open and close toilet lid > to make the entire experience effortless and hygenic,
  • A heated seat > to keep your legs warmed up to your preferred temperature, and
  • A deodorizer > to save the toilet from smelling poorly after use.

To contradict an adverse effect of using a bidet, the G400 toilet comes with a warm air dryer to quickly dry you off. This feature works exactly like a hand dryer you might find in a public restroom; however, it drys you while you’re sitting on the toilet. 

All of the above features come in addition to many other progressive attributes. For more information, TOTO made short demonstrational videos on all the features.



TOTO Washlet: Model G400 – Cotton (also available in Sedona Beige colour)



Aside from the flashy technology and stylish look of TOTO’s Washlet, there are many benefits that the electric bidet toilet seat has to offer. Using a Washlet is more sanitary than toilet paper as it is a completely hands-free experience. The Washlet practically keeps itself clean with the premist device and Ewater+. Along with the electrolyzed water disinfectants, the toilet will be both sanitary and smelling nicely.

The Washlet eliminates toilet paper from your bathroom – you never have to worry about forgetting to buy more toilet paper!

The TOTO Washlet feels great AND makes you feel fresh.

While all of these features can be overwhelming to a regular toilet user, we recommend trying one for yourself before writing it off as being too luxurious. Come into your local Splashes Bath & Kitchen showroom to try one out today!

Still not convinced? Check out the power of water and the Washlet in this fun TOTO advertisement. 

Washlet toilet seats are available now in our showrooms and on our website.

If you have any questions, come into your local Splashes Bath & Kitchen showroom to chat with one of our experts or send us a message now.


Exploring AXOR: Luxury Fixtures For Your Home

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, AXOR’s collection of bathroom and kitchen products are a stunning embodiment of art meets function.

AXOR is the epitome of the avant-garde, one-of-a-kind products created to the highest aesthetic and technological standards. They have a reputation in the interior design community for excellence and innovation. For more than 20 years now, trendsetting designer products have been created in collaboration with internationally renowned architects and designers.

One of the most famous collaborations has been with French designer Philippe Starck. Since the 1980s, Philippe Starck has been reconceptualizing classic designs with his unconventional approach to bring forth stunning reinventions. The hotels that he designed such as Royal Monceau in Paris and Delano in South Beach have attained cult status, and many of his creations are on display in museums and exhibitions around the world.

For more than 20 years he has been working with AXOR to push the boundaries of bathroom design. His collection AXOR Starck is known for its minimalism and elegance.

philippe starck collections for axor

AXOR is continually redefining aesthetics, water design and functionality.

With award-winning faucets, showers and accessories, it is one of our premier brands at Splashes Bath & Kitchen that offers luxury, high-end appeal for your bathroom.




Axor Starck Organic 2-Handle Single-Hole Faucet, Tall, 38118001


Sensuous and powerful. Facets of nature. AXOR Starck Organic alludes to its beauty: a branch, a water droplet. Original. Captivating. AXOR Starck Organic combines them in one perfectly organic overall composition. 

With fluid transitions. Handles merge with the body to create a single unit. Water volume and temperature are separate – an unusual operating concept.


AXOR Montreux 2-Handle Single-Hole Faucet, Small, 1.2 GPM, 16505001

AXOR products AXORMontreux bridge mixer washbasin 1600x1200

Authentic aesthetics. As at the turn of the century. Immortalised in Europe's grand hotels. Also in Montreux, the legendary spa resort on the shores of Lake Geneva. The AXOR Montreux collection follows this same tradition.

Pipes that are slip-fit and connected with nuts. True to the original style: the bridge mixer with high spout and cross handles. Unmistakably classic. AXOR Montreux includes both: low spouts in the design of the first industrially manufactured mixers. Plus new iconic versions with high spouts.


Baton hand shower 2jet 2.5 GPM, 28532001

axor baton

AXOR Starck is the realisation of a perfect idea. An interpretation of historic well pumps. An archetype. Familiar in terms of shape. Uncompromising in terms of function. A statement about reduction. To the bare essentials. 

It has been taking the world’s bathrooms by storm for more than two decades now. AXOR Starck was more than just a stroke of genius. AXOR Starck is a milestone in bathroom design. And today, a design classic. Perfection.


AXOR Starck 2-Spray Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet, 1.75 GPM, 10820001

AXOR Starck Kitchen Faucet Re Sized

Minimalist in shape. Explicit in function. Right through to the inner workings of the mixer. To the joystick technology. This kitchen faucet embodies ultra-smooth control – via the minimalist pin handle. It can be positioned on the left or right. 


If you would like to find out more about AXOR and its innovative product lines then stop by the nearest Splashes Bath & Kitchen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or see the high-quality fixtures on display.