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Shower Ideas to Create a High-Tech, Home Spa Experience

While the bathroom trends that have taken centre stage in 2017 include chic marble countertops, freestanding bathtubs, and statement accessories, the overarching movement has been the home spa.

For many people, the bathroom is their personal, spa-like sanctuary where they go to escape from the chaos of the day through a soothing shower or even a hot bath. Now we’re seeing this with advanced technology.

Maybe it’s our need to Instagram everything, but it seems like everyone wants to get that five-star spa feel in their bathroom.

Over the last few years, technology has become a pivotal part of bathroom design. This high-tech revolution has been boasted by increasing millennials homebuyers and a greater demand for connectivity. 

The emphasis is now on personalization.

If you are looking for shower ideas to transform your bathroom, one brilliant product that fuses advanced technology with a serene, home spa experience is the ThermaSol Steamshower. 

 ThermaSol optimal steam shower











Three Innovative Features of the ThermaSol Steamshower:


You’ve heard of aromatherapy. But this is an amazing therapeutic treatment you’ll want to try. 

Chromatherapy is colour therapy – 18 ultra-high-intensity LEDs in your shower cycle showcase  beautiful shades of tranquil or invigorating colour to balance energy levels. 

This alternative healing method adheres to the underlying principle that certain colours can affect your body and mood. This stimulates relaxation by soothing the energy levels in the body to calm, help heal and decrease anxiety.

For example, the colour yellow assists the metabolism and strengthens the nervous system and blue promotes tranquility while also relieving headaches, stomach pains and muscle cramps.

Don’t forget that ThermaSol also combines aromatherapy. You can add essential oils to the steam head to further enhance the therapeutic and luxurious shower experience. 

Chromatherapy shower














One of the central elements to a serene home spa is steam. And no, not a steam room but the integration of steam with your standard shower enclosure. An in-home steam is the ultimate luxury, with pore-opening heat that relaxes both the muscles and the mind.

This is a rising trend with new shower models on the market because it fuses functionality with transcendency. It’s a simple way to convert existing home shower spaces – even small and limited bathrooms can leverage this steam technology.

Steam showers create a relaxing atmosphere of moist heat that promotes health and wellness. They have been shown to reduce stress, benefit sleep patterns, and even promote a positive influence on mood. But it’s more than that – steam has therapeutic benefits for the muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

One of the most widely regarded benefits is improved muscle relaxation since the steam helps widen blood vessels to release tension and allow more oxygen to flow through the muscle tissue. Steam showers also open pores so skin can excrete toxins and dirt, increase blood circulation, and clear sinuses and nasal passages. 

Digital Shower Controls

Touchscreen shower














Innovation in recent shower technology provides a truly customizable, personalized experience – all at the touch of a button. 

ThermaSol uses a touchscreen control panel called ThermaTouch to program all your preferred steam shower settings such as temperature, colour lights, and music. You can even connect to the Bluetooth setting to play your favourite music from your phone, or integrate with MP3, CD & DVD players, and satellite radio.

But then there’s the tranquility scenes. Yes, an in-shower screen to help you relax one step further for the ultimate home spa experience. Tranquility creates a totally immersive steam shower experience with 9 pre-programmed natural sounds, lighting and visualization scenes ranging from a bubbling, mountain stream to a gentle, crackling fireplace.

ThermaTouch manages your steam shower preferences and temperature settings to give you the most personalized experience, every time.

Thermasol tranquility shower















Indulge in luxury and ambiance with the ultimate in home spa shower technology.

Make an appointment to see it in person at our showrooms in Victoria, Vancouver, Courtenay, Duncan, Penticton, Richmond and Port Coquitlam.

Or find out more information on how to renovate your bathroom for the perfect home spa experience with help from our team of experts.


Is the kitchen the new man cave?Capture

Traditionally a man cave is viewed as a place where men go to unwind and relax.  It’s a den where they spend their time watching football, playing pool and sipping on a cold beer to escape from the hustle and bustle of the work day.  However, times are changing, roles are adapting and a man’s cave is quickly relocating upstairs, to the kitchen.

It comes as no surprise that the home-cooking market has made significant gains over the past few years. Social media has stimulated the flood of the foodie culture.  From YouTube cooking videos to Instagram snaps, food has become the pinnacle staple for social media users, for both women and men alike.

The Facts Behind the Findings

A study done by the National Kitchen and Bath Association showed that clean-lined style is going to be the top trend in 2016.  Kitchens are shifting to be tailored, streamlined and masculine since men are becoming extra-participatory in the design of their kitchens.  We are approaching a societal modification; men want to pierce the silence when it comes to the home food factory.

Both married and single men cook more than their forefathers did, according to a Michigan State University study, men born between 1961 and 1981 cook approximately eight meals a week.  That number is only expected to increase.


Influencers of the Cave Change

The home-cooking market has become alluring, and the catalyst is none other than reality foodie shows, like ‘You Gotta Eat Here’, ‘Chopped’ and ‘Hells Kitchen’.  The macho male hosts are connoisseurs, and a whopping 46% of viewers are men!  Foodie television shows have influenced food preparation and now convey individualism, self-mastery, strength and competitiveness.  Cooking is becoming a compelling activity for men.  With the influx of dual-income families and societal changes, there is a shift from old-fashioned household ‘roles’ to a more sharing atmosphere, where both men and women share the duties, and also the opinions.

Kitchen Cave Must-Haves

TV chefs, like Guy Fieri, are influencing open-plan kitchens which promote not only a command station but also a performance venue for guests. 

Below is a breakdown of what’s in for kitchen design in 2016:

Sophisticated and Crisp Faucets Simple faucets with strong personalities are the new show stoppers.  Try the American Standard Colony Soft Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet for a polished chrome look.  If you are looking for a more sleek design why not try the Moen Level One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet.

Bold Colours We don’t just mean bold colours for your walls like reds and greys, which are the new wall colour trends.  Try adding kitchen fixtures with unique designs and colours into your renovation plans.  One new product coming this Spring is the Blanco IKON Apron Front Sink.  It is sure to sell out fast with its durable design, unique colours and quality silgranit materials.

Electronics Wireless sound systems and televisions in the kitchen allow you to replicate TV chef-inspired meals and set the cooking mood in the comfort of your own home.

A Second Deep Sink Having a second sink is essential for those big kitchen projects.  You can rinse veggies and wash dishes with lots of room to spare.  Looking for a stainless steel option?  Check out the FRANKE Undermount Techna Double Sink.  This sink will make any mans jaw drop in awe.  Capture4

Raised Countertops For those tall men out there.  Not all countertops need to be raised, but one is necessary to keep those neck knots away and make satisfaction stay!

Tough Surfaces Engineered stone products are a great investment because they are something that will not break, stain or scratch easily.  Try using quartz, granite or marble if you want to have exceptional countertops forever.

Garburators  An in-sink garbage disposal not only saves time and energy but it’s also eco-friendly!  You can focus solely on preparing your feast without worrying about unclogging your sink part way through.  The Kindrid Collection has some fantastic options, including the Continuous Feed Waste Disposer.

So yes, guys are shaping kitchen design.  The kitchen is quickly becoming the new man cave.  We have the foodie culture to thank for making home-cooking more appealing to everyone!  Are you interested in a product mentioned in this article?  Stop by a Splashes Bath & Kitchen Showroom in your neighborhood to see what quality products you can get for that fresh new kitchen renovation project.  Now go ahead, fry some bacon in your new man cave!